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Watch Glee Season 5 Episode 7 Online Megashare - 5.7 HD Video Full But that appears to have changed, and that song has officially been replaced with with Ylvis' iconic "What Does The Fox Say?" (And spoiler alert: You can expect to see lots and lots and lots of puppets.)



Glee Season 5 Episode 7 Another selection we’ll be looking forward to is the Simple Minds song “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” which was made immortal by its inclusion in The Breakfast Club and played a key role in the plot of the recent film Pitch Perfect. C’mon — who doesn’t miss the Brat Pack at least a little bit?

— Madonna’s “Into the Groove,” performed by Kurt's band, Pamela Lansbury

— Fred Astaire’s “Cheek to Cheek,” performed by Will and Sue

— Janet Jackson’s “Nasty/Rhythm Nation,l” performed by Bree, Jake, Marley and the Cheerios

— Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend,” performed by Blaine

— Ylvis’s “The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?,” performed by Dani and Starchild

— Simple Minds’ “Don’t You (Forget About Me),” performers unknown and audio not released

It’s quirky. It’s cheesy. It’s goofy. It’s completely over the top, but in the very best way. And, we can’t lie, now we sort of want to find a puppet to be our new best friend.Special call-out to the shots of Blaine and his puppet friends spinning around and around in circles as the camera’s zoomed in on their faces. That part is not to be missed.

Happy Thanksgiving! Glee Season 5, Episode 7: “Puppet Master” airs on Thanksgiving night, and now the show has released the first-listen audio to all of the songs we will hear that night.

After Season 5, Episode 5: “The End of Twerk” included Miley Cyrus’s current smash “Wrecking Ball,” we'd originally heard that her song, “We Can’t Stop” would be performed in Episode 7.

Up next, we meet puppet Blaine (Darren Criss), who has yellow skin, green eyes, wears a familiar argyle sweater... and sounds just like Darren Criss. Puppet Elliott “Starchild” (Adam Lambert) is actually not so pumped about his particular skin pigment.

But back to what Blaine is saying because it worries us: “I forgave myself a long time ago, I think it’s time I forgave you now,” Blaine tells puppet Kurt. “You are right. Please forgive me,” Blaine (as puppet Kurt) begs his fiancé. “In this argument, I don’t have a leg to stand on.”

You’re invited to watch some of your very favorite guys get “felt up”! Oh, wait. That sounded wrong. During this Thanksgiving’s Glee Season 5, Episode 7: “Puppet Master,” the our favorite characters are all getting felt-ifed. That’s right: Prepare to meet muppet versions of pretty much the entire cast.

“I mean... green? Green skin? Why do I have green skin?” Puppet Starchild laments. “I don’t understand.”

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