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Full HD Movie Watch Homefront Online Free Viooz; Watch Homefront Online Free Megashare & Download 2013 Movie As the movie gods would have it, there's some shady business going on in town, all of which goes against Broker's ethical code not to mention the town seems to bring the fight to him. Written by Sylvester Stallone, based on the novel by Chuck Logan, Statham plays ex-DEA agent Phil Broker who's moved to a small, unnamed Louisiana town with his ten-year-old daughter (Izabela Vidovic) in hopes of settling down peacefully.



Watch Homefront Online Things immediately go bad when his daughter bloodies the nose of a young bully at school, a bully that just so happens to be the son of the meth-addicted sister (Kate Bosworth) of the town's drug kingpin, the aforementioned Gator Bodine. She asks Gator to rough him up a bit, but Broker doesn't take too kindly to red necks attempting to rough him up so he punches them with a gas hose nozzle and smashes their heads through car windows. Only natural I suppose.

That’s when Gator and his junkie hooker galpal (Winona Ryder) find out Broker’s real identity and do some dirty work on behalf of the gang leader. But Broker, as you might guess, doesn’t take kindly to being leaned on.

I still don’t know if I believe this movie exists or not, as the description “action drama which pits undercover cop Jason Statham against meth cook James Franco in a bullets ‘n’ bats battle of the brawn” just sounds ridiculous. And it also looks ridiculous…ly awesome. I kind of tuned out of Statham’s action romps after , assuming that no other film could possibly top any aspect of its excessiveness, and while that’s undoubtedly still true, Gary Fielder’s Homefront looks like an honest-to-goodness throwback to the devil-may-care actions movies of decades past, filling out a fairly simple plot with a barrage of bullets and roundhouse kicks. No one is trying to save the President and there is no terrorist threat holding a town hostage. This is just pulse-pounding machismo, and I can’t wait to see Statham punch Franco’s character in his hick face over and over again until it turns into mulch.

Statham breaks ankles, arms, faces and a few people have to die, all in the name of protecting his family and stopping the bad guy. The combination of Stallone's script, the blunt force ability of Statham, Franco as Gator and director Gary Fleder (Kiss the Girls) limiting any drawn out hand-to-hand fight scenes to a minimum, this is an action-thriller that moves quickly and does so without much down time. The cliched moments are here and there, but nothing the film dwells on or gets bogged down in. The point is clearly to tell an action story and so it does.


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